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Dedicated to the pursuit of

bad done great.


About the pursuit

Bad Ventures is a lifetime in the making. It's the inevitable result of living by one simple principle: always do what you can't not do.

This isn't necessarily what you're good at or what will do the most for you, and it's definitely not about following trends or "pushing the envelope". It's about trying things and doing whatever inspires you.

As it turns out, we all start out pretty bad at most things. But it's also true that most things we keep on doing, we end up getting pretty good at. Doing things "bad" has nothing to do with the quality of our results, but about fostering the mindset that drives us to do things regardless of our comfort or skill.

In a single sentence? Bad Ventures is for all of the things we do that we don't have to.



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Dude, sucking at something is the first step toward being really good at something.
— Jake the Dog